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Fire Department - Emergency-911.  For all other information please use the following; Blue Lake Fire Protection District / Blue Lake Fire Department, 111 First Ave, P.O. Box 245, Business 707-668-5765, Fax 707-668-5844,

The Fire Department Provides: Fire Suppression, Rescue/Extrication, Hazardous Material Response, First Responder/Basic Life Support, Life and Safety Inspections, and Prefire Planning.

District Chief
    Ray Stonebarger

Assistant Chief
    Greg Perry

    On average we maintain about 25 volunteers on our roster    

The Blue Lake Fire Department is comprised of two entities:
First being the Blue Lake Fire Protection District this portion has a Board of Fire Commissioners that is elected by the residents of the fire district and is the governing body of the fire district. We are funded by property taxes and we also have a property benefit assessment fee. The second is the Volunteer Fire Department this is made up with members of the community that volunteer their time to train and respond to emergencies when needed. The volunteers are funded by donations and annual fundraising events.

In 2006 with support from the Blue Lake Rancheria the Fire District hired its first full time Fire Chief the Fire Chief works under the supervision of the Board of Fire Commissioners and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Fire District and the Volunteer Fire Department.


Police Services: Humboldt County Sheriffs Department - Emergency-911.  For non-emergencies please use the following; Humboldt County Sheriffs Business Office, 707/445-7251

Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is a national program that supports neighbors in looking out for each other, working together on neighborhood problems and in helping to make their neighborhoods safer.