Public Hearing Notice


The City of Blue Lake

111 Greenwood Rd., Blue Lake, CA 95525

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

Notice is hereby given of a public meeting to solicit public comment regarding the intent of the City of Blue Lake to apply for United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant funding not to exceed $30,000 for the purpose of preparing a Preliminary Engineering Report for the replacement of the City’s two existing redwood water storage tanks with steel water storage tanks. These tanks store the City’s domestic water and fire water.  Additional grant/loan funding will be sought after completion of the Preliminary Engineering Report.  The public meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at Skinner Store, located behind City Hall at 111 Greenwood Rd., Blue Lake. For additional information and a City map of proposed improvements please go to City Hall at 111 Greenwood Rd, Blue Lake, CA. The public is encouraged to attend and offer comments regarding the Project and USDA funding application.