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The City of Blue Lake adopted its first municipal code on January 9, 2018.

The City's code is published by Code Publishing based in Seattle, WA. The code is searchable online, and can be found here.

Newly adopted ordinances may not be codified for up to 3 months.

Hard copies are available for viewing at Blue Lake City Hall.

Recently adopted Ordinances:

Ordinance 531 - Traffic Regulations

Ordinance 532 - Micro-enterprise Home Kitchen Ordinance

Ordinance 533 - Bus. Licenses

Ordinance 534 - Fireworks Regulations

Ordinance 535 - Zoning Variance Clarification


Pictured - Council adoption of Municipal Code. Left to Right: Elizabeth Mackay (past council member), April Sousa (past City Clerk), Summer Daugherty, Bobbi Ricca (past council member), Adelene Jones (Mayor), Jean Lynch (past council member)